Drei <3
After four grueling tries on giving Drei a decent face-up, I think I like this one now * U * I've learned a lot from trying to paint a face-up. I was at a loss on how to keep the MSC from frosting over at first(=3=) and it didn't help when I bought the wrong thinner to remove it either. XD Though, I got a lot of cool tips from the MM people over at plurk <3 You guys are awesome TwT

I look forward to practicing face-up more and improving(in other words, I need a practice head.LOL) I don't think Drei would let me redo his face-up for a while.

He is feeling a bit sad because Souldoll does not make compatible bodies for him anymore, but I'm currently looking for possible ones. <3

So here is my first bjd love, Andrei Liebe(Drei), a Souldoll Osu who needs his own body badly since El would not lend his anymore.

P.S. I still need to attach eyelashes XDDDD

Box Opening: Kamael Stargazer, the angel.
It has been way overdue but I'd like to share my little angel's box opening last Feb. His birth date is Feb 14(lol.Valentine's) but I only got to claim him on Feb 16. Anyway~ on with the opening~!

The box I carried all the way from Customs XD;

Magic scissors~ ohohohoho >3<

Crobi's inner box * A *

The inner box looks like a coffin D8
           Opening it however, I was in heaven. The certificate( in which Yeon-ho was named for my friend who ordered him LOL) was there along with the wigs and the freebies from Crobidoll <3

Aaaaah, here he comes <3

Salvage victim *le gasp*

Yup, definitely one *nods head*

Hi there feet~ LOL
Zombie astronaut Beautiful angel.

I'll forever remember how pretty his face-up is.*worships liebe*

Last one~ <3

He then goes on to question where the prince(ss) is. (Arty is on a sick leave when he arrived)

Thanks for looking <3 <3 <3

Halloween Doll Meet.-Nov 19, 2011
Yesterday was really lovely. There were lots of dolls and amazing costumes. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to ask other owners and dollies' names ;3; (ugh so fail.) Anyway, I did enjoy taking pictures. I went with imahica and nekonekomadz  and bernard. :3

On to the photospam~ <3

Artemis and Maya are best friends along with Prins but he's not here ;A;

Big heads. LOL.chibi-fied.

Pretty girl Adarna.so colorful *A*

Alice as the black swan <3

* A *

Lady Maya has a new butler XDDD

Aaaaaaa~ * dies* <3

Whew~ that was a lot of pics. Yaay~ enjoyed a lot.Till next meet <3

First doll meet <3
Had a blast yesterday at Chocolatier. <3 It was raining but am glad I was with nekonekomadz and imahica, bernard and their lovely dolls. Artemis is happy :3 Warning: Photo spam below. XD
Am a fan of this pairing ;3; aahil and naya <3
Starr kyaaaaaa~
  LOOOL boyband? XD till next time then~ yay~


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